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All appetizers served with Tamarind and Mint Chutney

1. Pickle Pakora------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ $5.00
    Basket of deep fried jalapeno in chickpea batter. (Super Hot)

2. Vegetable Samosa----------------------------------------------------------------------------- $5.00
    Patties stuffed with lightly spiced potatoes and peas. (2 pieces)

3. Vegetable Pakora------------------------------------------------------------------------------ $5.00
    Fritters stuffed with assorted fresh vegetables. (6 pieces)

4. Paneer Pakora---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $6.00
    Homemade cheese fried in chickpea batter and stuffed with spicy mint sauce. (6 pieces)

5. Fish Pakora-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $6.00
    Seasonal fish, deep fried in chickpea batter. (6 pieces)

6. Chicken Pakora--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $6.00
    Delicately spiced boneless chicken breast fritters. (6 pieces)

7. Chane-Ki-Chat---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $6.00
    Chickpeas, potatoes, chopped cucumber and onions in yogurt and mild mint sauce

8. Shahi Combination Appetizer------------------------------------------------------------- $8.00
    Combination of vegetable samosa, vegetable pakora, paneer pakora, chicken pakora and fish pakora.

9. Shahi Vegetable Appetizer----------------------------------------------------------------- $7.00
     Combination of vegetable samosa, vegetable pakora, paneer pakora and pickle pakora.

   Spiced or Spicy does not mean "HOT". We can prepare food mild to hot to suit your taste.