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Main menu only At Sioux Falls, SD Location


All appetizers served with Tamarind and Mint Chutney

1. Pickle Pakora------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ $5.00
    Basket of deep fried jalapeno in chickpea batter. (Super Hot)

2. Vegetable Samosa----------------------------------------------------------------------------- $5.00
    Patties stuffed with lightly spiced potatoes and peas. (2 pieces)

3. Vegetable Pakora------------------------------------------------------------------------------ $5.00
    Fritters stuffed with assorted fresh vegetables. (6 pieces)

4. Paneer Pakora---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $6.00
    Homemade cheese fried in chickpea batter and stuffed with spicy mint sauce. (6 pieces)

5. Fish Pakora-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $6.00
    Seasonal fish, deep fried in chickpea batter. (6 pieces)

6. Chicken Pakora--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $6.00
    Delicately spiced boneless chicken breast fritters. (6 pieces)

7. Chane-Ki-Chat---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $6.00
    Chickpeas, potatoes, chopped cucumber and onions in yogurt and mild mint sauce

8. Shahi Combination Appetizer------------------------------------------------------------- $8.00
    Combination of vegetable samosa, vegetable pakora, paneer pakora, chicken pakora and fish pakora.

9. Shahi Vegetable Appetizer----------------------------------------------------------------- $7.00
     Combination of vegetable samosa, vegetable pakora, paneer pakora and pickle pakora.


10. Dal Soup---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $5.00
    A traditional lentil soup.

11. Mulgatawny Soup-------------------------------------------------------------------------- $5.50
    Delicately spiced chicken and lamb soup.

12. Spinach Soup-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $5.00
    Fresh creamy spinach soup.


13. Chicken Salad--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $8.00
    Baked tender chicken breast served over salad mix.

14. Shahi Mix Salad------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $4.00
    House mixed salad.

15. Spicy Onion Salad---------------------------------------------------------------------------- $2.50
    Diced onions and jalapenos with vinegar and chat masala on top.

Main Entries

Served with Basmati Rice

16. Tikka Masala
    Marinated boneless meat roasted in clay oven tandoor and sauted in a creamy tomato sauce with oriental spices. (Simply fantastic)

    Chicken $14  |  Lamb $17  |  Fish $17  |  Shrimp $16  |  Paneer $13

17. Curry
    Boneless meat cook in special flavor curry sauce with mild spices.

    Chicken $12  |  Lamb $15  |  Fish $14  |  Shrimp $14

18. Saag
    All our saag dishes prepared with fresh creamy spinach in herbs and spices.

    Chicken $13  |  Lamb $16  |  Chana/Potatoes $11  |  Paneer $13  |  Shrimp $14

19. Korma
     All korma dishes cooked in a creamy sauce with cashews, almonds, coconut and raisins.

    Chicken $14  |  Lamb $17  |  Fish $14  |  Shrimp $16  |  Veg $12

20. Krahi
     Boneless meat of choice stir fried in a krahi (Indian wok) with fresh tomatoes, onions, ginger, bell peppers and spices.

    Chicken $14  |  Lamb $17  |  Shrimp $16  |  Paneer $13

21. Butter
     Boneless chicken tandoor cooked in butter, fresh tomato sauce and herbs.

    Chicken $14  |  Paneer $13

22. Vindaloo
     Boneless meat cooked with potatoes in a hot tangy curry sauce. (Super hot dish)

    Chicken $13  |  Lamb $16  |  Shrimp $14  |  Fish $14

23. Madras
     Boneless meat of choice cooked in spicy coconut curry with dry red chilli peppers, cumin and herbs. (Super hot dish)

    Chicken $14  |  Lamb $17  |  Paneer $13 |  Shrimp $14

24. Tandoori
     All meat marinated in yogurt, spices and roasted in our special tandoor clay oven with bed of bell peppers, onino and lemon.

    Chicken Tandoori $12  |  Chicken Tikka $13  |  Lamb kabab $17 |  Prawn Kabab $16  |  Fish Tikka $18  |  Mix (No Fish) $17

25. Biryani (Served with Raita)
     A classical aromatic mughlai dish cooked with meat, herbs, nuts, raisins and saffron flavored rice.

    Chicken $12  |  Vegetable $11  |  Lamb $14 |  Shrimp $14  |  Mix (No Veg) $15


Vegetable Delights

Served with Basmati rice.

26. Alu Mater--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $11.00
    Green peas and potatoes cooked in curry sauce with mild spices.

27. Mater Paneer--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $12.00
    Homemade cheese and green peas cooked in mildly spiced gravy.

28. Chana Alu-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $11.00
    Chick peas and potatoes cooked in curry sauce with fresh tomatoes and onions.

29. Malai Kofta------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ $12.00
    Vegetable balls with homemade cheese in a mildly spiced creamy tomato sauce.

30. Bhindi Masala-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $11.00
    Diced baby okra sautéed with fresh tomatoes, onions, ginger and herbs.

31. Baingan Bharta------------------------------------------------------------------------------ $12.00
    Eggplant roasted in clay oven, mashed, lightly creamed and sautéed in fresh chopped tomatoes, onions, ginger and mild spices.

32. Alu Gobi---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $11.00
    Stir fried cauliflower and potatoes steamed with onions, fresh tomatoes and spices.

33. Chana Masala--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $11.00
    Chick peas steamed with fresh tomatoes, onions, ginger, garlic and freshly ground spices.

34. Dal Makhni------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $11.00
    Lentils with freshly ground spices sautéed in butter, onions, and fresh tomatoes.

35. Dal Tadka--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $11.00
    Yellow lentils with Indian spices.

36. Methi Malai------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $12.00
    Mild spicy creamy tomato sauce with herbs and green peas.
(Add Gobi $1.50 / Add Paneer $2.00)

Indian Breads

Prepared fresh to order from our clay Tandoor ovens

37. Roti------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ $2.50
    Plain whole wheat bread.

38. Naan---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $2.50
    A traditional white flour bread.

39. Garlic Naan------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ $3.00
    White unleavened bread with a garlic touch.

40. Paneer Paratha/Kulcha-------------------------------------------------------------------- $4.50
    Whole wheat bread stuffed with homemade cheese and spice.

41. Shahi Bhatura-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $4.50
    (2) White flour deep fried light fluffy bread.

42. Shahi Kabuli Naan-------------------------------------------------------------------------- $6.00
    Delicious cherries & dried fruit stuffed in naan bread.

Side Orders

43. Indian Mixed Pickle-------------------------------------------------------------------------- $2.50
    Hot and spicy Indian mixed pickle.

44. Raita---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $3.00
    Cool homemade yogurt with grated cucumber and carrots.


45. Gulab Jamun (warm)------------------------------------------------------------------------- $4.50
    Deep fried cheese balls soaked in syrup. Served warm.(2 pieces)

46. Kheer (cold)------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $3.00
    A royal dessert made from long grain basmati rice, milk and nuts. Served cold.

47. Gazer Ka Halwa (warm)---------------------------------------------------------------------- $3.00
    Scrambled carrots cooked with non-fat dry milk along with nuts. (Best dessert in the world)

Kids Meal

All kids meals served with fries and kheer

48. Indian Chicken Strips (3 pieces)------------------------------------------------------- $5.50

49. Mozzarella Sticks (4 pieces)------------------------------------------------------------- $5.50

50. Mac & Cheese------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $5.50


Not available to go.
Served with Basmati Rice

51. Shahi Dinner for Two (Vegetarian)----------------------------- $34.00
    Start with an appetizer of vegetable samosa (2 pieces.) and then enjoy two different vegetarian dishes, vegetable korma and palak paneer, with naan bread, rice and raita. Finish with the royal dessert "Kheer" and tea or a soft drink.

52. Shahi Dinner for Two ( Non-Vegetarian)---------------------- $44.00
    Start with an appetizer of Shahi Combination and then enjoy two non-vegetarian dishes, rogan josh (lamb curry) and chicken tikka masala, raita, rice and garlic naan bread. Finish with delicious dessert of Gazer Ka Halwa or Gulab Jamun and tea or a soft drink.

53. Shahi Dinner for One (Vegetarian)----------------------------------- $21.00
    Start with an appetizer of vegetable samosa (1) and then Dal Soup and then enjoy vegetarian Korma with Naan bread, rice and raita, finish with the royal dessert of Kheer and tea or soft drink.

54. Shahi Dinner for One (Non-Vegetarian)---------------------------- $26.00
    Start with an appetizer of chicken and fish pakora then enjoy chicken dish. Chicken Tikka masala with garlic naan, rice and raita, finish with delicious dessert of Gazer Ka Halwa and tea or soft drink.


Soda---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $2.79
     Coke, Diet Coke, Mellow Yellow, Mr.Pibb, Sprite, Cherry Coke, Iced Tea and Lemonade

Coffee-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $2.79
    Regular or Decaffeinated

Indian Masala Tea-------------------------------------------------------------------------- $2.79
    Indian style tea brewed with herbs and milk.

Mango Lassi------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ $3.00
    Refreshing cool drink made with homemade yougurt and mango