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Vegetable Delights

Served with Basmati rice.

26. Alu Mater--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $11.00
    Green peas and potatoes cooked in curry sauce with mild spices.

27. Mater Paneer--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $12.00
    Homemade cheese and green peas cooked in mildly spiced gravy.

28. Chana Alu-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $11.00
    Chick peas and potatoes cooked in curry sauce with fresh tomatoes and onions.

29. Malai Kofta------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ $12.00
    Vegetable balls with homemade cheese in a mildly spiced creamy tomato sauce.

30. Bhindi Masala-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $11.00
    Diced baby okra sautéed with fresh tomatoes, onions, ginger and herbs.

31. Baingan Bharta------------------------------------------------------------------------------ $12.00
    Eggplant roasted in clay oven, mashed, lightly creamed and sautéed in fresh chopped tomatoes, onions, ginger and mild spices.

32. Alu Gobi---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $11.00
    Stir fried cauliflower and potatoes steamed with onions, fresh tomatoes and spices.

33. Chana Masala--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $11.00
    Chick peas steamed with fresh tomatoes, onions, ginger, garlic and freshly ground spices.

34. Dal Makhni------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $11.00
    Lentils with freshly ground spices sautéed in butter, onions, and fresh tomatoes.

35. Dal Tadka--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $11.00
    Yellow lentils with Indian spices.

36. Methi Malai------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $12.00
    Mild spicy creamy tomato sauce with herbs and green peas.
(Add Gobi $1.50 / Add Paneer $2.00)