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FLYING HORSE ROYAL LAGER(650 ML)--------------------------------------- $8.00
    This crisp, clean lager is brewed with just the basics to produce a maltiness theirst quencher sure to satisfy. (Bangalore, India)

KINGFISHER(355 ML)------------------------------------------------------------------- $5.00
    Since 1857 this refreshing premium lager has been brewed in the same fashion from its inception. The finest grains and hops bring out its character and smoothness. ( Mumbai, India)

MAHARAJA PILSNER(330 ML)------------------------------------------------------ $5.00
    This pilsner style pours with a brief frothy head with hints of fruitiness that follows up with light hop bitterness and a dry finish. (Punjab, India)

TAJ MAHAL(650 ML)-------------------------------------------------------------------- $8.00
    Brewed for the connoisseur. This lager is brewed with the finest ingredients. A sweet grainy aroma with a hint of floral hops (Bengal, India)


BUD LIGHT----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $4.00

MILLER LIGHT------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $4.00

COORS LIGHT------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $4.00

CORONA-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $4.50